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Richard Guzman, PT

Richard Joseph Guzman has over thirty years of experience as a physical therapist, bringing unparalleled skill, knowledge, and compassion to patients at Source One Rehabilitation’s three locations in North Plano, West Plano and Fort Worth, Texas.

An expert in providing rehabilitation for all types of general orthopedic injuries.

Richard Guzman’s Bio

Mr. Guzman is an expert in providing rehabilitation for all types of general orthopedic injuries, including pain in the low-back, neck, shoulder, elbow and wrist. He is highly experienced in providing effective therapy for a wide range of post-operative procedures, including lumbar repair, spinal fusions, shoulder rotator cuff repairs, elbow tendon repairs, carpal tunnel surgery, arthroscopic knee surgery and all kinds of total joint replacements.

Mr. Guzman earned his degree in physical therapy at Texas Women’s University and a Masters in business administration from the University of Dallas. In his role at Source One, Mr. Guzman performs functional and physical performance digital testing and develops programs for work conditioning, work hardening, chronic pain, and brain injuries. He utilizes diverse techniques, including joint mobilization, trigger point release, soft tissue mobilization, neural mobilization, and therapeutic exercises/activities to correct movement dysfunction, postural deficiencies, and improve movement impairment syndromes.

A thirty-year resident of Dallas, Mr. Guzman enjoys cooking, hunting, fishing, and playing tennis in his free time.

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